Temple of elemental evil

Journal of Fruven Dryadson 2nd entry

Spiders and frogs and snakes oh my

Journal of Fruven Dryadson- A new chapter, 2nd entry
I am currently recording this in side the moat-house, we have some rather dastardly fellow tied up in the corner, though he deserves all he gets for his crimes.
Quite a bit has occurred since my last entry and i was correct in saying that i would need my strength. After leaving camp we made good time to the moat-house, a fairly standard run down castle like structure. I then sent Dribbles into the moat-house to scout, though i didn’t get much out of him, poor thing was terrified, of course I now know exactly what scared him and I cant say I blame the poor cat.
The area around the moat was marshy, and Ling decided it was a good idea to throw rocks into a nearby pool, brash young fool almost got us all killed when the rock disturbed a group of giant frogs. Luckily the group managed to fight them off. I noticed Ryslip did kill one of the frogs, perhaps i was wrong to so quickly judge him, though once inside the moat-house he and Ilmari managed to get themselves into trouble with the object of Dribbles fear, a giant spider. unfortunately Ling was bitten, though we didn’t realize how bad the venom was till later when Ling collapsed. We shall have to be careful of giant animals in the future, they seem common in this area.
(On a side note, I must say I surprised myself with my proficiency with the sling, its been many years since i used one but it seems my skills haven’t waned.)
It was inside the moat-house that we finally found the evidence of bandits we were searching for, when poor Ryslip opened a door I had called him over for, he was suddenly full of arrows. (I must remember to make that up to him) Luckily the groups combined might was able to overcome the bandits in the room, and take the leader prisoner. He didn’t seem very intimidated until Ling dragged him off towards the nest of a giant snake, a very clever bluff, as of course Ling would never actually go through with such a thing. Anyway, the bandit talked, and warned us that his boss (Jeffery?, George?, Timothy? something like that) would kill us all.
Right, my watch of the bandit is coming to a close soon, and in the morn we descend a trapdoor that our elven companion discovered. I have a strong feeling that we wont find anything too troubling down there, but some rest cant hurt.



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