Tamir Starborn

fun loving elf looking for fun, adventure and more.


Name: Tamar Starborn II

Race: Grey Elf
Alignment CG
Class: Wizard/Cleric
Level 2/2
XP 2500/2500

Age: 195
Height: 5ft 7
Weight: 90lbs
Hair: Ginger
Skin: Pale

STR 12
INT 17
WIZ 17
DEX 17
CON 15
CHA 11

HP 11
AC 13

Weapon Prof
Long Sword (1 to hit 1D8/1D12)
Long Bow (
3 to hit 1D8 damage)
Quarterstaff (+0 to hit 1D6 damage)

Non Weapon Prof:
Ancient History
Spell craft
Rope Use
Weather Sense
Artist – painting (if allowed)


Spell Book
Wizard Spells (2 1st level spells a day)
1st Level
Colour Spray
Charm Person
Detect Magic
Find Familiar
Read Magic
Spider Climb
Wall of Fog

2nd Level

Cleric Spells (4 1st level a day)
Animal Friendship
Cure Light Wounds
Faerie Fire
Invisibility to Animals
Locate Animals or Plants
Magical Stone
Pass Without Trace


Tamar is fron a small Elven settlement that sits astride a wide shallow river that is peppered with ancient trees and beautiful islands that contain family homes. It is a place of peace, happiness and community. At the age of 160 Tamar faced the choice that many of this long lived race face, continue as he was, as his older brother had, with his studies or look to move. Tamar loved his home and his family but there was a desire to see more, to stretch his horizons a tad. With a heavy heart and a fond fare well to his long suffering parents Tamar set out on his adventures.

The first 3 decades of his travels largely consisted of a long circuit of the communities and small cities of his home land, primarily as a student of the arcance arts but with many long summers spent boating, drinking and chasing the lady folk of the communities until chassed off. Occasionally Tamar would fall in with more boisterous elements amongst the Celiene elves, some wanted to travel, some to take the fight to the growing Orcish communities on their lands borders others to live in the wilds and scare travellers for food and kisses. Tamar did all these and more but then the “event” happened when Samitre a female elf of great beauty whom had taken Tamar for a lover whilst they livied in a secret dell deep in the forests with 10 or so other friends decided they should take their games a step further.

An ambush was planned, executed and botched, spells were cast, blades drawn ad blood spilled. Tamar did not see Samitre hurt anyone but another swore that she had started the trouble by cutting an elder across the face, a great insult. Whatever happened the group split and run, Samitre has not been seen since but Tamar had no doubt that that storm crow will darken his pillow again with her dark curls and startling smiles.

Forced by prudence to head north out of the Elf realms Tamar wondered and meet a female half elven priestess of Ehlonna called Liminert whom seemed great in years but to Tamars surprise was 20 years younger than himself, they become lovers and Tamar gained a slow understanding of the humans whom inhabited this remote and sparsely populated wilderness. It was with some fascination that he travelled around with Limi and helped mend the damage that humans did to the land, initial anger at their transgressions eventually turned into fascination at the short, dirty, brutal and utterly fascinating lives that the humans lived. This fascination was not limited to mere observation and inevitably Tamar took a number or lovers in the villages and remote homesteads. The Tamar of 10 years earlier would not have imagined himself being sucked off by rough handed trappers or sharing the bed of wizened root farmers but the young elf had tapped into a carnal desire that he had only vaguely been aware off before.

Eventually Limi tired of the sharing and sexual experimentation of a lover physically decades younger than here and said fond fairwells, she still roams the wild hills and they share an evening together if their paths meet.

It was during one long lonely treck across country that Tamir meet his next and last mentor. Pushing through some dense briars a quite beautiful but tumble down keep was discovered. Half returned to nature their were signs of human habitation. To Tamar the mixture of nature and human influence touched something in him and he resolved to befriend whosoever resided there. The next four years of bruises and battles with the crotchety, half mad ancient mage whom ruled this redoubt were some of the happiest of the young elves life and were, he thought, worthy of some childrens tale or fable. Tamar slept under the stars or makeshift shelters listening to the grunts and farts of the man he knew would be his friend.

Eventually through bloody minded perseverance the magi, named Ulri, an ancient of undetermined and unremembered age gave in and allowed the elf to step into his tower and sup wild goat milk and chew black bread.

After two more years an agreement was made, for house keeping and “making a fuss of him” once a month Tamair was taken on as an apprentice and studied for 4 years in happiness. The tower still stands and as far as Tamir knows the mad, toothless grump that rules there is there yet but Ulri growing rants against the gods and his general foul moods eventually led to Tamir heading onto the road again. Tamar has not heard of any declarations of war against the gods so he assumes Ulri is still in the planning stages.

Back on the road and finally into human settlements, Tamar no longer introduces himself as Tamir Starborn given the smirked responses and lewd comments from the bar wits, now just plain Tamar he realises that he has been wasting away a tad, he has enjoyed the last 20 or so years but now is a time to move onto something better, there is talk of bandits and darker rumours to the north over the mountains and caravan guards are required, and they pay money, this will be useful, Tamar has not had more than a few silver at one time for over a decade and his fine robes look less than fine now!

Adventure waits, the noble calling of the caravan guard calls, a band of brothers and sisters and if he knows humans, lovers await. Let the adventure begin!

Tamir Starborn

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