Ilmarinen Nylund

Lumberjack turned wizard with a staff to carve and a weakness for cheap mead


2nd level human mage
HP 7
AC 10
Coins: 12 gp, 1 sp, 5 cp

STR 13
DEX 11
CON 10
INT 14
WIS 11
CHA 10

Weapon proficiencies: Dagger
Non-weapon proficiencies: Carpentry, Reading/Writing, Spellcraft, Ancient Languages, Herbalism, Cooking, Riding (land based)
Languages: Common, Elven, Dwarven, Gnomish, Goblin

Spells in spellbook:
1st: Read magic, Detect magic, Charm person, Grease, Magic missile, Phantasmal force, Sleep
2nd: Web, Invisibility, Levitate


Ilmarinen was born into a family working in lumber, carpentry and woodwork and spent his formative years in a very small lumber community just to the East of Penwick. His parents brought him up with the intention of him continuing the family tradition, but having a bright and inquisitive nature, he found the monotony of felling trees unbearable and dreamed of adventure. One day, while searching the local forest for beech he chanced upon an abandoned hut, and found a spell book and pouch of spell components inside. He studied the strange symbols on the pages and over time slowly deciphered their meaning. With each breakthrough he would carve an intricate rune into his staff that served as a reminder of each success. He kept his new interest secret from his family until one day the small community was attacked by bandits. His quick thinking and illusion magic saved the village but following the attack, with his secret out, the villagers attitudes towards him changed. While everyone was grateful for his help they also feared his arcane abilities. Before long Ilmarinen decided to leave and pursue the life of adventure he had always dreamed of. He has spent the last six months in Etterboek doing what work he can find but has fallen on hard times and has recently signed on to a guard caravan to Hommlet…

Ilmarinen Nylund

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