Fruven Dryadson

Ageing conjurer searching for power and justice


Fruven Dryadson
Race: Human
Alignment: Lawful Good
Class: Wizard (Conjurer (lvl 2))

Appearance: I’m basing him off the model Ed is ordering. The wizard with the snake staff.

Str 13
Dex 14
Con 15
Int 18
Wis 13
Chr 9

Weapon Prof: Slings
Non Weapon Prof: Spellcraft, herbology, read/write, ancient language, cooking, brewing, rope use, tailor.
Languages: Common, elven

Spells: detect magic, read magic, cantrip, armour, familiar (pre rolled, Black cat), grease, unseen servant, burning hands, hypnotism. Level 2: Summon swarm, ray of enfeeblement.


Fruven lived in a small village, out of the way and peaceful. He spent his time training to be a wizard, under the apprenticeship his father, a retired adventurer who had decided to settle down after Fruvens mother, who was also an adventurer, became pregnant. Although interested in magic, Fruven never really pushed himself in his studies, preferring a slow but steady approach to learning the arcane arts.
Many years later, after both his parents had passed on from old age, Fruven was still living in the village, enjoying an easy life and thinking about taking on an apprentice himself. Unfortunately such a dream was soon shattered as one night he awoke to screams and panic, as a plague of undead swept into the town. Fruven rushed outside to defend his home, but years of neglecting his studies had taken its tole, and he was unable to help the villagers he had known his whole life. Fearing for his own safety, and out of spells to use, Fruven retreated to his basement and spent the night cowering in terror as the screams continued throughout the night.
Come morning he crept from his house into the lifeless remains of his village. Disgusted at his own inability to defend what he loved, he swore an oath to do the next best thing, avenge them. Collecting his spellbook and familiar, he left the village to gain enough power to prevent anyone else from abusing magic, and in particular to find the necromancer who was surely responsible for his loss.

Fruven is now determined to get power, but also incredible cautious not to become what he hates. As such he will take all available means to gain power and punish those who (in his opinion) abuse magic, but will never break the law or forget his desire to help people while doing so.

Fruven Dryadson

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