Temple of elemental evil

Journal of Fruven Dryadson 2nd entry
Spiders and frogs and snakes oh my

Journal of Fruven Dryadson- A new chapter, 2nd entry
I am currently recording this in side the moat-house, we have some rather dastardly fellow tied up in the corner, though he deserves all he gets for his crimes.
Quite a bit has occurred since my last entry and i was correct in saying that i would need my strength. After leaving camp we made good time to the moat-house, a fairly standard run down castle like structure. I then sent Dribbles into the moat-house to scout, though i didn’t get much out of him, poor thing was terrified, of course I now know exactly what scared him and I cant say I blame the poor cat.
The area around the moat was marshy, and Ling decided it was a good idea to throw rocks into a nearby pool, brash young fool almost got us all killed when the rock disturbed a group of giant frogs. Luckily the group managed to fight them off. I noticed Ryslip did kill one of the frogs, perhaps i was wrong to so quickly judge him, though once inside the moat-house he and Ilmari managed to get themselves into trouble with the object of Dribbles fear, a giant spider. unfortunately Ling was bitten, though we didn’t realize how bad the venom was till later when Ling collapsed. We shall have to be careful of giant animals in the future, they seem common in this area.
(On a side note, I must say I surprised myself with my proficiency with the sling, its been many years since i used one but it seems my skills haven’t waned.)
It was inside the moat-house that we finally found the evidence of bandits we were searching for, when poor Ryslip opened a door I had called him over for, he was suddenly full of arrows. (I must remember to make that up to him) Luckily the groups combined might was able to overcome the bandits in the room, and take the leader prisoner. He didn’t seem very intimidated until Ling dragged him off towards the nest of a giant snake, a very clever bluff, as of course Ling would never actually go through with such a thing. Anyway, the bandit talked, and warned us that his boss (Jeffery?, George?, Timothy? something like that) would kill us all.
Right, my watch of the bandit is coming to a close soon, and in the morn we descend a trapdoor that our elven companion discovered. I have a strong feeling that we wont find anything too troubling down there, but some rest cant hurt.

Journal of Fruven Dryadson
The party

Journal of Fruven Dryadson- 36th entry
Father said he would be teaching me a new spell tomorrow, he expects me to spend my free days studying it. The magic is very useful admitted, but its just so boring to learn. Particularly since Grace Songsteel asked me to go to the midsummer party with her. Its getting late, so this will have to be a short entry, i will record my spell notes soon…ish.

Journal of Fruven Dryadson- A new chapter 1st entry
I had forgot i had this old thing, but now seems the time to bring it back out, considering its one of the few things that survived the fire. Perhaps a charm father placed on it before giving it to me. Anyway, i am getting away from the topic.
I am recording this before i sleep, one days worth journey to the moat-house me and my companions shall be investigating. Ryslip seems to have recovered fully from his ordeal, and hopefully learned a lesson from it. But i am losing my thoughts again, i shall start from the beginning.
After the fire which burnt down my village i had to get work to support myself, and hopefully fund my search for more power, in order to prevent those who would abuse magic such as the necromancer who destroyed my village. After several odd-jobs which amounted to nothing I joined up to guard a caravan, and that is where i met my current companions.

Foremost, there is the wizard Ilmari. He seems a good sort as well as, I’m ashamed to say, far more focused on his studies than i ever was. I have a good feeling about having him with us, despite his unusual like for illusion (i am not one to judge, much). He expressed an interest in sharing knowledge, which i admit I have tried to avoid out of embarrassment for how little i have. Either way, i hope in time we can learn from each other.
Next is Ryslip, our gnome companion. When we first met he was polite enough, though rather quiet, though i must admit he hasn’t given me the best impression of himself since then, what with the whole spellbook fiasco. Still, he got his just rewards, and i believe he had no ill intent. However i will be keeping an eye on him.
Next we come to Ling, a very serious young lad, but he has a good soul. I am glad we have him in the group, for both his help in dangerous situations, and for his rather good example he sets for the others. I think he and I share many of the same views, the others seem a bit ‘loose’ with the laws.
Last is Tamar, another user of the arcane arts, though i believe he also has other talents i am unaware of. Either way i cannot say much about him, as i have barely seen glimpses so far. I will have to assess his character when i get a good chance.

These are the group, along with a young lad from the town, who are accompanying me to the old moat-house that our new employers have asked us to look at, for signs of bandits. I have a good feeling about them, hopefully we will accomplish some good together. It is getting late now and I may need my strength for tomorrow, so i shall retire for the night.

Ilmari's Arcane Musings 1

Poor Ryslip. I feel bad for my once jovial but now frozen Gnome companion. I had not anticipated that he would be so bold as to read the mage’s spellbook, I had only intended to learn what secrets were contained within the array of maps and notes that he was so intent on hiding earlier in the day. I fondly remember my old grandfather’s instruction that “from each ill a lesson learn” and from this ill-advised venture I have learned two things. Firstly, the grease spell that I am so fond of may be used to lubricate a frozen person’s inner thighs so as to prevent saddle sore. This adds to the already long list of cooking and practical jokes uses that I have found for the spell. Secondly, the arcane ward lying cruelly in wait for my inquisitive Gnome friend has given me inspiration for a new spell when I first get the chance to study. Ilmari’s Intruder Interdiction will function in the same way as the Sepia Snake Sigil, essentially, but with some subtle changes to the rhythm of the somatic components and a material component of a splinter of wood in place of a snake scale, I think I can substitute the snake effect for a hatchet. This seems an entirely more satisfying version of the spell.
My other companions are not without mention.
Fruven is also trained in the arcane arts but is a specialist of the conjuration school. He is equally concerned with the misuse of our arcane gift as with its use. He is many years my elder and as such is certainly an excellent source of knowledge, particularly where summoning is concerned. I have proposed a fair exchange of spells but for the moment the proposal has been met with some uncertainty. He claims to not have as much experience of the arcane as I have presumed from his age, but I think this is just an excuse to avoid exchanging with a youth who will have gathered fewer spells during his career. I hope to convince him otherwise during our current foray into the wilderness in search of Hommlet’s missing priestess.
Ling is a Paladin, the like of which I have never before met. His heart is obviously in the right place but he can be a little too serious. He doesn’t even drink mead, which I quite frankly do not understand. However, he has a strong sword arm and I am already contemplating how the arcane forces may be harnessed to improve his already considerable strength. Of our group it is only he who may be able to stand toe to toe with the enemy in melee and some magical boon for his ability to do so would be prudent.
Lastly, Tamar is an elf who is elusive and aloof. He flits in and out of our nascent adventuring group like a ghost. One feels as though he is not truly at one with the party yet, but instead takes part only when it suits him for his own amusement. On the guard caravan I heard him talking restlessly to himself during the meditation he takes instead of sleep. One name, Limi, was repeated many times during a period in which a small but not unnoticeable bulge in his breeches indicated his recalling of some lustful memory. Elves! They claim to be so culturally superior to us humans but they are as base as the lower animals when it comes to mating. His nocturnal yearnings notwithstanding, he has both the mark of the divine and the arcane about him and has a self-confidence which exudes power. He is no doubt meant for great things and for all the unpleasantness of having to witness his nightly barbarities, I do hope he finally decides to incorporate himself into the group on a more permanent basis. He will certainly be useful in combat and his age and wisdom provide something that Fruven and I cannot.



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